zaterdag 15 augustus 2015

* Bangarang ! *

Kenny Graham's Afro-Cubists-'Bongo Chant' (Bangarang) -1953

Big thanks to waltervdbus who posted above tune on YouTube five years ago, with this explanation:
"Bongo Chant was written by British sax player Kenny Graham as part of his Caribbean Suite. Recorded on October 23, 1953 with Jo Hunter (tp), Kenny Graham, Joe Temperley, Norman Fantham, Eddie Mordue (ts), Don Honeywell (bs), Dill Jones (p), Roy Plummer (g), Sammy Stokes (b), Phil Seamen (d), Judy Johnson (voc, mcas). Released on Esquire 10" LP 20-023. The eight movements of Graham's 'Caribbean Suite' are linked together by Dennis Preston's narration, which was dubbed on later.

The entire Caribbean Suite was covered by American sax player Harold Vick in 1966 on RCA Victor. In October 1968, Jamaican sax legend Lester Sterling reworked Bongo Chant into the reggae classic Bangarang with producer Bunny Lee and singer Stranger Cole, among others. On the strength of its success, Pama released the Bangarang LP and the rhythm continues to be versioned to this day: Tommy McCook, Soul Vendors, Lord Creator, Brigadier Jerry, Dillinger, etc."

Lester Sterling & Stranger Cole-'Bangarang' (prod. Bunny Lee) -1968

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