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* The Ideals - Go-Go Gorilla *

Finally got myself a copy of Jerk Boom! Bam!  volume 2, and YES, exactly as promised on the sleeve, it's a "greasy rhythm n' soul party", a mixed bag of late-1950s to mid-1960s American rhythm 'n' blues and greasy soul. The only track I already knew is 'The Twitch', irresistible 1963 New Orleans soul by Danny White (mentioned earlier in our Sax Kari-post, SMoRaS 2015-01-10). Greatest finds: an early song by Texas bluesman Albert Collins in his wilder days (late 1960s?) called 'Whatcha Say (I Don't Know)' and a tune by The Ideals. 

                                                                       The Ideals           

This R&B vocal group from Chicago had already recorded 'The Gorilla' for the Cartland-label in 1962, followed the next year by 'Mo Gorilla' (to be found on the Shakin Fit-comp). 
Jerk Boom! Bam! 2 offers the best part of the trilogy, issued by Satellite: 'Go-Go Gorilla'! 

 Norton 45 reissue

Before The Ideals went ape with 'The Gorilla' their line-up included for a short time singer Major Lance, best known for his hits 'The Monkey Time' ('63) and 'Um Um Um Um Um Um'. Another early Ideals-member was Robert Tharp, who later went by the name of Tommy Dark and teamed up with Jerry Murray as the duo Tom & Jerrio, famous for 'Boo-Ga-Loo' ('65).

By that time, The Ideals had inspired a few cover versions: in September of 1964 The Dynasty's (from Wisconsin) released their Coulee-45 'Go Gorilla', followed in December by The Shandells (from Eau Claire, WI) with a 45 on Bangar Records. The latter found a new audience when it was included on the first Wavy Gravy-compilation, by mistake listed as 'Go Go Gorilla'. Pics of the Bangar-45 show their song was actually called 'Gorilla', and as you can hear their wild garage-remake covers the first part of The Ideals 'Gorilla'-trilogy.

Modern day remakes: Cheater Slicks (1990, on the B-side of their Dog Meat-debut) and The Incredible Staggers-'Go Go Gorilla' (2010, on Squoodge Records, from Austria).

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