woensdag 18 maart 2015

* Stud Cole *

"Elvis singing with the '66 Yardbirds"? Not quite, but close. It's Stud Cole! Born as Patrick Tirone, he recorded first as Patrick Tyrone ('It Ain't Right', 1963), then as Virgil Trucks and the Noblemen ('The Witch', 1964) and as Virgil Trux ('I Don't Want To Go' and 'I'm Glad', 1966). But his best work was an eleven-track LP that he recorded as Stud Cole, with all songs credited to P.A. Tirone. The album, released on his own Pacific Atlantic Tribune-label (P.A.T.) in 1968, was sent to radio stations but nothing happened. Wrong time? Could be. Anyhow, Stud Cole left the music business, disillusioned.

Fortunately, in 2002 Norton Records released the CD 'Burn Baby Burn', including the complete album plus five earlier Tirone-tracks. After about eighteen seconds it's perfectly clear why 1968 wasn't ready for Stud Cole. Best intro to a rock'n roll record ever? Not quite, but close! The intro to the song 'Burn Baby Burn' hits you BLAM! in your face (or ears, or stomach, or whatever), but just when you're ready for the next level of excitement Stud Cole prefers to slow things down, sinister and creepy, getting under your skin. Second best: 'Hard Luck Games'. Almost as good: 'Always & Always' and 'Black Sun'.

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