zondag 1 februari 2015

* Hang the DJ *

Hang the DJ – pt.1: Tony Blackburn

Here's a record with just four syllables: 'Toe-Knee-Black-Burn'. That's all folks. But these four syllables can be ranked in various ways. To understand you have to listen carefully until the end of this video. Don't let the lip-syncing little geezer distract you! Some trivia-facts on the side: singer Binky Baker had a very famous fan club, BOOBS (British Organisation of Binky Supporters). And when he released his only single for Stiff Records (1978) there was a popular BBC Radio 1-DJ named Tony Blackburn. To his credit, TB played the song on a few occasions. Now you know how the story started, please listen how it ends.

Hang the DJ – pt.2: Jan Douwe

Must-see video too! Rare footage, credits go to Icelandic youth television. According to their subtitles this song is about Janû Malledüwer. For those who don’t speak Dutch: the real topic of this song, by a band supposedly including members of Dutch punkbands NRA and Human Alert, is a well-known Dutch radio jock at the time (1996). Jan Douwe was not amused. In fact, he was really pissed when VPRO-colleagues played it on national radio. It remains a mystery how Our Creator completely overlooked JD when a sense of humour was handed out. The poor fellow is 6.5 feet tall. Goes to show you can’t have it all.

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