zaterdag 10 januari 2015

* Sax Kari *

Can all of this be the work of ONE man, you might ask? Yesss! Speaking of Sax Kari, again.
Man-behind-the-scenes in New Orleans. First example in yesterday's post, Out in the Dark pt2.
Our one-man-SMoRaS-management unearthed four more gems for you. For free!

First up is the man himself. Isaac Sexton Kari Toombs had a few aliases. Sometimes he used the pseudonym "Dirty Red" Morgan. Texas Red may as well be one of his many stage names. He is also known as "Candy Yams", it seems. This desperate Rock 'n Roll-tune 'Chocolate Fizz' appeared in '57 under the moniker known best, Sax Kari.

On the flip side of Chocolate Fizz was a novelty-song called 'Goldie The Green Eyed Octopus'. 
Must admit I had never heard it before, so it's today's bonus-song for you and me.

Next is Polka Dot Slim, alter ego of Vince Monroe (1919-1982), singer and harmonica player. The song might sound familiar to some, The Detroit Cobras covered it as 'Down In Louisiana'. 'A Thing You Gotta Face', the original title, was written by Sax Kari and came out in 1964 on the Instant-label.

Last an early (1963) N.O.-souldancer, 'The Twitch' by Danny White on the obscure Frisco-label (surprisingly based in New Orleans). Written and produced by, you guessed it, Sax Kari.

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