vrijdag 9 januari 2015

* Charles Brown <-> Charles 'Soul' Brown *

OUT IN THE DARK - part 1

Today's first half is 'Black Night', nowadays probably slightly better known in the Arthur Alexander-version (1964). But originally a big R&B-hit for Charles Brown in 1951, recorded for Aladdin Records.

OUT IN THE DARK - part 2

Second, nowhere near a hit, but just as great, as far as I’m concerned: Charles “Soul” Brown (not the same man as the one above) with ‘Standing On The Outside’. Released in 1964 on a label named NOLA, short for New Orleans, LA (=Louisiana).
Written & produced by Sax Kari (more about him in our next post) and arranged by Nola-labelboss Wardell Quezergue, aka the Creole Beethoven. No, he wasn’t deaf like Ludwig Von, his nickname reflects his big reputation among local musicians as bandleader and arranger.
Where to find it: 2CD Wardell Quezergue - Sixty Smokin' Soul Senders ('02 Tuff City). Out-of-print, but once in a while on eBay.

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