zondag 4 december 2016

* Jim (James Luther) Dickinson, 1941-2009 *


Jim Dickinson and the Catmando Quartet-
'Shake Em On Down' ('65 Southtown-45)

The Jesters-'Cadillac Man' ('66 Sun-45)
"Sun's last great rock and roll record", with J.D. on vocals and piano

James Luther Dickinson-'O How She Dances' (from his '72-album 'Dixie Fried')
kudos to Schwinglow for the matching Youtube-video!

Jim Dickinson-'Down In Mississippi
(backed by North Mississippi Allstars led by his sons Luther and Cody)


('66 Ardent / reissue 2013 Ace-Big Beat-45)


Big Star-'Holocaust' (album 'Third/Sister Lovers')

Alex Chilton-'My Rival' ('79-album 'Like Flies On Sherbert')

The Replacements-'Alex Chilton' ('87-album 'Pleased To Meet Me')

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