zaterdag 5 november 2016

* The Hangman's Blues *

                                                  Prison Songs in Country Music ('56-72)

                                                  Freddie Hart-'The Wall'
                                                  Jimmy Minor-'Death Row'
                                                  Jaycee Hill-'Crash Out'

First released August 2016 as a 16 track LP (Iron Mountain Analogue Research IMAR 103LP), featuring the songs above PLUS outstanding tunes by Lonesome Johnny ('Death Row'), Stonewall Jackson ('Run'), Country Johnny Mathis ('Caryl Chessman') and Al Dean ('Hangman').

Second release October 2016 as a 28 track CD (Omni 187). Sounds like a better deal? Not sure.

The vinyl comes with two tracks that are missing from the expanded edition, one by Dee Mullins ('Prison Grey') and another by Jimmy Van ('The Ballad of Caryl Chessman').
The latter, not on YouTube, is otherwise only available on a rare 45 from 1960 - and simply brill.

On the other hand, the expanded CD adds great songs by Porter Wagoner ('Lonesome Whistle'), Eddie Noack ('Invisible Stripes'), Steve Davis ('Life-Timer'), Danny Dill ('The Eyes of Death'), Tommy Dee ('The Chair'), Howard Crockett ('I Got Stripes') and Johnny Paycheck ('21 Miles to L.C. Prison').

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