zaterdag 28 februari 2015

* Ivy & Lux *

Ivy! Coolest girl’s name our Museum-manager and his missus could think of, when their daughter was born ALMOST fifteen years ago. Anything to do with The Cramps, the band of Lux Interior (singer) and Poison Ivy Rorschach (guitar)? You bet! And yes, Lux and Ivy were not just bandmates, they belonged to each other for 37 years, until Lux passed away in february 2009.

Would you believe our manager worked for Ivy & Lux? A few months after his little girl was born, in the same town a new movietheatre opened, named LUX. And he was more than happy to accept a job there. Taking care of Ivy during daytime and working nightshifts at the cinema, he can rightfully claim there was a time he worked for Ivy and Lux. Top that!

Here's to Ivy: six Rorschach/Interior-penned "originals" and eight songs that inspired them. Plus 1=15!

                               'Human Fly' (1978) // The Tune Rockers-'Green Mosquito' (1958)
       'What's Behind The Mask?' (1980) // Dale Hawkins-'Tornado' (1958)
'Don't Eat Stuff off the Sidewalk' (1981) // Frantics-'Werewolf' ('60), Ventures-'Fourth Dimension' ('63)
                     'Call of the Wighat' (1983) // The Riptides-'Machine Gun' (1959)
'Cornfed Dames' (1986) // Mac Rebennack-'Storm Warning' ('59), Blues Rockers-'Calling all cows' ('55)
'The Creature from the Black Leather Lagoon' (1990) // Charlie Feathers-'One Hand Loose' (1956)

                                                      'What's inside a Girl' (live 1990 A'dam)

Poison Ivy turned 62 last week. How would she be doing without Lux? SMoRaS would love to know. Anyone seen or read a recent interview somewhere?

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